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Jerry Lozier


PO Box 10541
Yakima, WA 98909

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Lozier Home Inspections, LLC.

Washington State Licensed Home Inspector #208

WSDA Licensed Structural Pest Inspector # 71382

Washington Home Inspector Standards of Practice




Pre-Closing Checklist
Before closing, be sure to operate, check or test the following items in the presence of the owner or occupant:

  • Ask seller for any service manuals and service records for those appliances staying

  • Ask seller for samples or records of paint colors used in the house

  • Ask seller for all records and permits of major improvement /repairs (electric, remodeling, decks, pest treatments, new roof, etc.)

  • Test all plumbing shut-off valves and outside hose bibs

  • Operate all faucets, toilets, tubs and plumbing fixtures

  • Check heater to make sure it is operating effectively. Ask for all maintenance records

  • Open/operate all thermostats

  • Check all doors and windows, making sure they open, close and lock

  • Make sure all screens are in place

  • Operate all built-in kitchen appliances

  • Check all light switches and make sure they are all working properly

  • Obtain keys to all locks

  • Remember to get the remote garage door openers

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